Bitcoin $8,033.12
Change +0.23%
Trend +34.57%

Bitcoin Price Prediction with Tweet Analytics.

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30,655 positive
8,576 negative
24,643 neutral
63,874 Bitcoin-related tweets are published in recent 24 hours



What is DatPaw?

Datpaw provides Bitcoin price prediction with Tweet Analytics. It shows the correlation between the recent bitcoin price changes and tweets.

How to interpret TREND +34.57%?

The trend indicates that the tweets in recent 24 hours has a tendency to have positive impressions if the trend is positive. In other words, the negative trend shows that there are more negative tweets than positive tweets.

How is the trend measured?

Bitcoin price is based on the Coinbase API and the trend is measured by the tweets with sentiment analysis.

How many tweets are used?

Any number of related tweets issued in recent 24 hours are used.

How often is the data updated?

Data is updated in realtime but the calculated results will be updated every 3 seconds.

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